Shipping Policy

The Rose Blvd takes 2-3 days to process orders ( the time between when you place the order and when it is shipped) If There is a lot of orders it may take 4 days. Normally the orders are out in 2 days. At the end of the processing time period, you will receive a tracking number.

The shipping method we ship by is FIRST CLASS SHIPPING with USPS which is 1-3 business days. For orders in the USA

PLEASE NOTE: There may be delays from time to time because of reasons we aren't able to control. For example bad weather etc.


Delivery Time Manufacturing time is 7-14 days, shipping time is 14-21 days so you will receive goods in 21- 35 days after payment due to Covid-19 Pandemic! 

You will receive tracking number  2 weeks after purchase !

We Ship world wide. As long as you can get deliveries in your country we ship there. 

PRICE: There is NO SET PRICE for international shipping.Our shipping partners are connected to the store, meaning based on the Address you enter and the weight of your order, you will see a different price.